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Anyone who has ever had to deal with TMJ knows how debilitating the pain can be. It can quickly worsen if it starts with slight soreness around the temples or a popping sensation when yawning. Some people dealing with TMJ in Calabasas will have issues like migraines, damage to their teeth, or difficulty eating.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ, or TMJ disorder, is when there is an issue causing pain within the temporomandibular joint. It is believed that millions of Americans have TMJ, but only a fraction of that number know they have it. While this joint is fairly small, it can still cause a great deal of pain.

TMJ acts like a sliding hinge connecting the jaw onto the skull. When you think about how many times a day you talk, eat, yawn, or open your mouth, it is easy to see how difficult it can be when you have issues with this joint. These movements can lead to aggravation of this joint, which brings discomfort and pain.

Do I Have TMJ Disorder?

There are certain symptoms that someone may have with TMJ that are unmistakable. For example, a popping or clicking in the jaw will rarely be anything else but TMJ. Other signs of the disorder could be easy to confuse with other conditions. Issues like headaches from TMJ might be misdiagnosed as a migraine. If you have an earache, it may be thought that the pain is coming from the ear canal rather than the joint. It is important to have someone give you a professional diagnosis of TMJ in Calabasas to get the right treatment.

If you think you might have TMJ disorder but you are unsure, there are several signs you should never ignore. These include:

  • Ear pain – The TMJ is located right above the ear. If it becomes inflamed, it can bring on an earache. Should you get frequent ear pain without other symptoms, it could mean you have TMJ disorder rather than an infection. As the TMJ acts up, you could also have feelings of fullness in one or both ears and dizziness due to loss of balance within the inner ear.
  • Headaches – With TMJ disorder, headaches are common and may seem chronic as the problem gets worse. It will usually feel as though the headache originates behind the eye.
  • Jaw issues – Many people with TMJ will have a range of jaw problems, including clicking, popping noises, a locked jaw, or regular jaw pain. There could also be constant discomfort in the jaw that gets worse when talking, eating, and yawning.

Whether you have beginning signs of TMJ or have dealt with the discomfort and other issues for quite some time, you deserve to get relief with treatment for TMJ in Calabasas. Here at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, we are happy to work with you to find the solutions you need to start living a life free of jaw pain, headaches, and more. Get in touch with us by calling (805) 496-5700 to set up a time for a consultation.

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