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    Nutrient Depletion from Medication

    Weighing the risk versus benefit is what all providers and patients must do prior to making a decision to take a medication.

    The main risk is what doctors and practitioners believe are the side effects but, oftentimes, side effects are also caused by the gradual nutrient depletion caused my most medications on the marketing today.

    The Mytavin website has a wonderful tool to help you find what nutrients your body may be lacking due to medication(s) you are currently taking!

    Why does medication deplete nutrients from the body?

    The main reasons are:

    Medication stimulates increased excretion of the nutrient

    Some pathway is blocked that is necessary for the nutrient’s existence

    Absorption into the body is blocked

    Nutrients Can Alleviate Symptoms

    Many symptoms that your body exhibits are caused by a nutrient deficiency. Sometimes the body doesn’t make enough of the nutrients on its own, or a patient’s diet does not include enough of a variety of nutrients and then there is the issue of medication that increases these deficiencies.

    You can utilize the module on the Mytavin site to input your personal symptoms and the calculator will advise you as to the nutrient(s) you may be deficient in.

    Increase food sources that provide these nutrients or supplement your diet with manufactured nutrients from herbal manufacturers.

    Foods to Aid Nutrient Deficiencies

    We suggest you use whole, natural foods when looking to add nutrients through diet. In most cases where you have nutrient deficiencies due to medications, the food sources you will find recommended on Mytavin will typically only support your daily nutrient requirement so supplements are a great way to get what you need in the most natural way possible. You can talk with Dr. Shirazi if you have further questions or even do a blood test that checks for nutrient deficiencies that allow you to dial this component of your health in.

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