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Dr. David Shirazi is the lead doctor at TMJ Sleep & Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley and Los Angeles. We proudly serve the needs of patients suffering from sleep apnea disorder and headaches in Thousand Oaks, Brentwood, and nearby areas. Dr. Shirazi is fully board-certified in OroFacial pain and TMJ disorder therapy and offers the coordinated and efficient care his patients need for an improved state of health and well being. As an experienced TMJ specialist, we provide medication in conjunction with physical therapy services to resolve TMJ disorders. At our TMJ Sleep and Therapy Centre, we will review your case and provide a personalized care program to help with treating your condition.

Understanding TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle disorders (TMJD) describe a complex set of conditions that cause pain in the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles or problems when using the jaw. This condition can affect someone’s ability to speak, chew, eat, swallow, breathe, and make facial expressions. If left untreated, other parts of the head, face, and neck can be affected and may hurt. At TMJ Sleep & Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley and Los Angeles, we offer Headache Treatment and TMJ treatment that is personalized for each patient. For patients suffering from Sleep Apnea, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding, we can help. We create a customized treatment plan that is tailored specifically for each patient’s condition. Treatments can include a combination of sleep appliances and medication, Oriental medicine procedures, Naturopathic guidance, and many other solutions.

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Meet Dr. David Shirazi

Dr. David Shirazi

TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJDs) refer to a complex set of conditions that can cause pain in the area of the jaw joint and associated muscles and/or problems using the jaw. Both or just one of the TM joints may be affected. TMDs can affect a person’s ability to speak, eat, chew swallow, make facial expressions and even breathe.

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Headache Treatment

The American Headache Society (in which Dr. Shirazi is a member of) has classified headaches into three main groups. Those groups are: Primary Headaches (The vast majority of headaches: Tension Type, Migraine Type, and Cluster Type headaches)

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Sleep Apnea

People who have sleep apnea stop breathing for 10 or more seconds at a time while they are sleeping (one apneic event). These short cessations in breathing can happen up to 800 times or more every night. Sleep apnea can seriously impact your emotional, physical and psychological health!

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Snoring Treatment

The noisy sounds of snoring occur when there is an obstruction to the flow of air through the back of the mouth and nose. This area is the collapsible part of the airway where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula. Snoring occurs when these structures get close to touching each other and vibrate during breathing. When they do touch each other and don’t vibrate, then that individual has one apneic event.

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Performance Mouthwear

A power mouthguards’ technology is intended to help physically place your jaw in the most optimal position, thus improving overall reaction time, performance and airway.

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Dental Aligners

Some have experienced chemical reactions to the materials and plastics found in “other” brand name Aligners, whether due to the plastic themselves, or the processing. Our hypoallergenic materials make the use of aligners more safe and less likely to have a biological reaction that is unexpected, especially when other liquids such as saliva interact with them.

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FACE, JAW, AND AIRWAY FOCUSED ORTHODONTICS Most people associate orthodontia with the application of braces to correct crooked teeth, especially in children. Dr. Shirazi, however, treats a wide variety of conditions in people of all ages WITHOUT BRACES.

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