Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials for Dr. David Shirazi – TMJ & Sleep Specialist

Meet several doctors in the Los Angeles and Conejo Valley area talk about the importance of what Dr. Shirazi does for his patients and why they are so confident in referring their beloved patients to him…this includes their appreciation of his high success rate!

Not only does he help with sleep and mouth pain/issues, Dr. Shirazi aids in FULL BODY HEALTH and works closely with other doctors to provide the utmost, specialized care for each individual patient.

“The night guard is not where you start. The night guard is where you end. The start of the treatment is a very complex diagnosis requiring specialized skill, specialized training; and that’s where Dr. Shirazi really excels.” ~Dr. Richard Gagne, DDS

“Dr. Shirazi is an alternative-minded dentist who thinks, not just about dentistry, he understands that this [your mouth] affects this…the big picture.” ~Dr. Robert Trafeli, DO

Video Featuring:
Dr. Robert Trafeli, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine)
Kryssa Cable, Chiropractor
Dr. Richard Gagne, DDS
Dr. Jay Grossman, DDS
Dr. Victor Pineschi, DDS (Prosthodontist)

Dr. Page Hudson, Orthodontist

As an orthodontist in Oxnard, California, Dr. Hudson, started sending patients to Dr. Shirazi because of the extra training in TMJ that Dr. Shirazi has. Dr. Hudson feels that Dr. Shirazi understands the TMJ complexities, including diagnosis and treatment, far more than any TMJ specialist he has ever met. He refers his patients, friends, family and staff members to Dr. Shirazi at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley and Los Angeles.

Dr. Steve Chopyak, Chiropractor

Dr. Chopyak is a well-known chiropractor that has a very gentle, cranial approach to treating his patients. His techniques really aid in the Holistic model for conservative care. We are very grateful to have him as a resource for our patients.

Dr. Phillip Barr, Physician

Our community is blessed to have a physician of Dr. Barr’s caliber; we are blessed to have him as patient and referring doctor. Dr. Barr truly “get’s it” when he says that we must all try the least invasive and most efficacious treatment first, and in the absence of a successful outcome, then proceed to more invasive treatments. We cannot say enough about his knowledge and skills as a doctor, and the warmness conscientiousness of a good friend.

Dr. Jan Bierle, Dentist

Dr Bierle is an outstanding dentist who is always learning the latest and greatest in modern dentistry and beyond. Her understanding of complex regional pain as it relates to dentistry has opened her patients to a very well rounded, and also very caring doctor to have.

Dr. Thomas Lee, Orthodontist

Dr Lee is a functional orthodontist who understands how cranial bones and muscle habits can have a profound influence on the aesthetics and function of the teeth and jaws. We are blessed to have him in our area.

Dr. Steve Kerper, Dentist

Dr. Kerper is an excellent general Dentist in Oxnard with over 30 years of experience who understands that though TMJ and Sleep Breathing Disorders have a dental component to them, they also have multifactorial issues that need to be addressed. He noticed that himself when he presented as a patient.

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