What Our Clients Say

    “I have been going to see Dr. Shirazi for about 6 months for my Jaw pain, headache and neck pain due to chronic clenching when I sleep, it’s been this way for years until I put it off as long as I could I decided to try this treatment over surgery. It’s a long process & my insurance doesn’t cover. I pay everything in cash; some through flexible account but It’s all worth it. I’m still under Therapy but my pain is better. my bite also looks a lot better. There were a few times I came to see him with bad headache. I usually got relieved by his treatments and funny jokes. His staff are wonderful; they all nice and friendly. The environment is clean, relaxing with Mountain View – highly recommended and I wish I had not put it off as long as I did and just so happy to now having allot less pain and able to get a good night sleep without the help of pain killer and sleeping tablets”.

    Eliya “Emanson” M

    “I am fan of Dr. Shirazi, They way he cure and take care of patient and his talent, really great. I strongly visit to Dr. Shirazi if required”

    Anna “Annacupcakes” B

    “Thank you for an incredible consultation. TMJ Sleep Therapy Center is the only place I want to treat. I don’t like to take medications, so this choice is what’s for me. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”

    Thomas Mullican

    “I am feeling the best I have felt in 30 years. Mr Shirazi listened carefully, explained some of the health issues that were so confusing to me and put me on a diet and now all my symptoms are slowly disappearing.”

    Carmen Davison

    “Best doctors I’ve had in my 23 years. After a year of gi issues and high anxiety they have truly changed my life around. Without their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

    Jane Hansen

    “Staff at TMJ Sleep Therapy Center is very knowledgeable and friendly! They are honest in telling me what I need to do to help my back pain and always encourages me to be independent in finding a lifestyle that works for me.”

    Phyllis Jarrell

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