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Does sleep apnea go away? This is a common concern for people who suffer from the condition and cannot get any straight answer from a doctor or even on the Internet. It is essential to understand the background causes of sleep apnea to determine whether your case can get fast and permanent remedies.

The Causes Of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the airway running from the nose to the lungs collapses. Chronic snoring is a significant symptom of sleep apnea, swelling, weight gain, and an enlarged neck. The collapse of the tongue onto the airway can occur when one sleeps on their back or if they suffer from underlying medical issues that instigate the problem.

Healing Sleep Apnea

The anatomy tends to be a fixed condition unless a medical intervention rearranges things. Removing adenoids and tonsils is highly likely to reduce or heal sleep apnea, but one would still need additional treatment to balance out the medical imbalances.

Some people find healing with straightforward solutions like weight loss because the fatty tissue that blocks the airway goes away fast. We explore several options for sleep apnea treatment, so you can understand a few of the things we will consider when you come into TMJ and Sleep Therapy Center for consultation.

Common Remedies For Sleep Apnea Treatment

Wearing A Dental Appliance

The oral appliance is a device that prevents the collapse of the tongue into the airway. They are more comfortable today than a couple of decades back, so wearing them is easier than using a full mask.


Minimally invasive surgeries treat sleep apnea by adjusting things like the tongue, upper and lower jaw, tonsils, and uvula. The objective of surgeries is to prevent the collapse into the airway and offer a more permanent solution with little maintenance work. Be warned that sleep apnea can still reoccur later in life, so we need to diagnose and recommend solutions that will work well for your specific issue.

Weight Management

Starting a weight management program helps to adjust the extra tissue in your throat and make a difference to the structure of your nasal. This strategy works well for patients who undergo dramatic weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight under control.

Behavioral Therapy

Positional therapy involves adjusting your sleep position so that your tongue is in a position that prevents sleep apnea. Most people have to use special devices around the waist to maintain their sleeping posture and receive adequate treatment.

Adjust Daily Habits

Our sleep apnea in Westlake Village treatment options is about helping you make lifestyle changes that will offer more permanent results. One way is to consume less alcohol, especially at night, because it quickly relaxes the muscles and blocks the airflow to the nose.

The above summary is only a highlight of what you will get when you begin our sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment program. Contact us online to book a personalized consultation on better treatments for sleep apnea in Westlake Village.

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