Sleep is a pleasant ride to the unconscious and it is one of the basic needs for a human body. A person seeks sleep when they want to relax and press that reset button on all the bodily functions. Sleep disturbance can lead to a lot of major health disorders.

What is Somnambulism:

It also known as sleepwalking in layman term is an extraordinary behaviour in which a person, especially a child, walks and does various activities while he/she is asleep. All the activities that he/she had performed during the sleep will not be recalled. He/she will not have any memories regarding the whole period. Sleepwalking in a person may start when he has been sleeping for a couple of hours and when they start their sleepwalking it may last for an average of 5 minutes to 15 minutes duration.

Symptoms of Sleepwalking:

The symptoms that may arise when a person who is suffering from sleepwalking may be displayed in their behaviours as well which may include:

  • Getting up during the sleep and rubbing their eyes.
  • They might have their eyes opened but they are asleep.
  • Not responding to when they are being called.
  • They might talk during sleep.
  • It is difficult for them to wake up.

Main Causes of Sleep Walking:

There are many causes that are behind sleepwalking. Sleepwalking may be hereditary which means it may pass on from parents to children. A lack of proper sleep or stress may also give rise to sleepwalking. Medication or some ailment may also lead to such issues. Other than that, a disturbing environment for sleeping may also lead to sleepwalking.

Best Therapy for sleep disorders in Los Angles:

Proper treatment and therapy may treat sleepwalking issues before they get to some severe levels. TMJ is specialized in helping with such issues. We will plan a proper therapeutic plan for you which may prove to be very helpful for you so that you may have a good night sleep without any worry.

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