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Sleep apnea, you probably think you don’t have it so you won’t listen to this episode, what if I told you that most people who have sleep apnea don’t know it. Sleep apnea affects 5-10% of adults in Australia, although the number is difficult to quantify as about 80% of Australians affected by sleep apnea are undiagnosed. This is exactly why I decided to interview Dr Dave Shirazi on 🎙The Natural Health Podcast🎙 to discuss all things sleep apnea and your health. If you have ever wondered if the root cause of your disease is sleep apnea then this is THE podcast episode for you!

About The Natural Health Podcast: 

Are you ready to be Healthy and Successful? Welcome to the Natural Health Podcast, your resident Naturopath Mihaela will provide you with Simple, Savvy and Sustainable health hacks to optimize your health. Mihaela’s mission for this Natural Health Podcast is to bring awareness of sustainable health in the business hustle space. The Natural Health Podcast is perfect for the high performing business minded individuals who want to work with their biochemistry to achieve success & optimal health.

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