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Craniofacial pain includes TMJ disorders, migraines, headaches, neck pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and more and is quite common. TMJ disorders alone affect 5-12% of the population. But how can we treat them? This week, Dr. Dave Shirazi shares his expertise in this area, with a holistic approach to dentistry and craniofacial pain.

In this episode we talk about: the different craniofacial pain disorderstraditional treatment methodsholistic approaches to treatmentusing the observer self or meta position to look at our own pain.

About the Chronically Living and How to Make the Most Out of It Podcast:

The goal of the show is to provide tangible ways to improve the well-being of chronic illness warriors.Chronic pain and illnesses are becoming increasingly common. While having a chronic illness can seem like the end of the world due to so many drastic life changes that come with it, your life doesn’t have to be so terrible. This podcast takes a positive approach to chronic illnesses, discussing ways to live an amazing life despite your health circumstances.All information on this show is health education/psychoeducation and should not be considered medical advice. Please always consult with your healthcare professionals.

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