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Episode Summary:

When it come to ADHD there isn’t a simple solution – nutrition, psychology and genetics can all play a role.

But what about SLEEP?

It’s actually a HUGE piece of the puzzle – and its about a lot more than just getting to bed on time.

Dr Shirazi joins me today on the Project and brings a whole new perspective on what could be behind some really challenging behaviors. It also is a huge piece of the puzzle for adults, especially if metabolism, hormone balance and metabolism are also part of your struggles. There is so much good in this episode. I can’t wait for you to listen.

About the Wellness Restoration Project Podcast: 

An Ancient Chinese Proverb wisely states that “When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move” Welcome to the podcast that opens eyes and moves mountains that stand in the way of creating wellness by asking the question: “HOW ARE YOU WELL?” Interviews, discussions and resources around both ancient and modern practices, research and more to help YOU build your own powerful network and practices for wellness. Wondering how I became such a great resource?  I’ve been where you are: sick, worried and not getting positive results from western drugs for myself or my children. Eventually I was introduced to the world of whole foods and medicinal herbs and things finally began to change.  I wanted to know HOW and WHY and so I began a formal study of herbal medicine and traditional ancestral diets that has taken me on over a decade of intense learning and training, meeting some amazing people along the way. Now I help women heal so they can lift others 🌱 Using Herbs, Nutrition 🌿& Science 🧬 and introducing you to other amazing people doing the work in this project of creating wellness. LET’S DO THIS!

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