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Episode Summary:

On this podcast we will exercise our Western as well as our more holistic sides to deal with a very common problem here in America, and that is pain. Joining us today at Maximal Being Fitness, Nutrition, and Gut Health is Dr. Dave Shirazi, an expert in sleep, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and pain.

Doc Mok an advanced GI doctor specializing in nutrition, gut health, and cancer. Joining him is the podcast’s layman, Jacky P, smashing the broscience on this week’s podcast. Their guest Dr. Dave Shirazi, an expert in sleep, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and pain.


  • Sleep apnea with connection to ADD and ADHD
  • Blood brain barrier leak
  • The core of pain syndromes
  • Central sensitization
  • The different types of pain
  • Addressing TMJ holistically

About the Maximal Being Fitness Nutrition and Gut Health Podcast: 

The Maximal Being podcast teaches you the secret science behind staying fit, eating well and improving your microbiome. Our hosts, Doc Mok and RN Graham, are a doc and a nurse that employ advances in medicine to build sustainable lifestyle changes. They will maximize your health by teaching you about nutrition, macros, intermittent fasting, ketogenesis, sustainable food, supplementation, weightlifting, compound movements, HIIT training, sleep, recovery, longevity, mobilization, gut health, the microbiome, probiotics, gastrointestinal issues, GI topics and much much more to reach your wellness goals.


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