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Did you know that around 70% of head and neck pain comes from the TMJ? Common symptoms would be chronic tension, headaches and some types of migraines, jaw pain, chronic teeth sensitivity, receding gums. Some of this can be muscular or function related, which is when Myofunctional Therapy can help. For complex and anatomical issues with the cranial facial bones and bite issues, we defer to dentists like our friend Dr Dave Shirazi in LA.

He is a dentist doing Functional Orthodontics and is one of the few ALF Providers in the world. An estimated 1,000 providers in the world. ALF stands for Advanced Light Wire Functionals. It is a small wire that helps to expand the upper jaw, while also giving the tongue space to rest up in the palate. See our YouTube to see what it looks like.

About The Munch Bunch Myo Podcast by Kimi Nishimoto:

Myofunctional Therapy. We discuss all the ways that mouth muscle dysfunctions effect our bodies. This is meant for anyone to listen to and understand. Very few professionals are talking about the way we use our tongue or the link between health and breathing. We break it down and talk about our own journeys.

Key Issues: mouth breathing, TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, tongue thrust, tongue tie, open mouth posture, sleep disorders, , eating and chewing re-education, neuromuscular re-education, oral habits.

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