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Are you laying in bed for 7 or so hours but not waking up refreshed?

Sleep is a crucial and often overlooked part of a healthy lifestyle and something that individuals focused on high-performance and success tend to overlook.

This is exactly why I decided to get Dr Dave Shirazi on ????The Natural Health Podcast???? to explain to you just what it means to sleep efficiently and how a lack of sleep affects you.

???? In this episode Dr Dave Shiraizi and I discuss the below and more

⬜ What is sleep?

⬜ What role does our pallet have in sleep?

⬜ How does our circadian rhythm impact our sleep?

⬜ Why do we grind our teeth and clench our jaws?

⬜ What are your thoughts on mouth taping ?

⬜ What is the best breathing mouth or nose?

Who is Dr Dave Shirazi?

Dr Dave Shirazi is a dentist and an acupuncturist. He is a board licensed RPSGT, the first, and so far only, dual degreed dentist and RPSGT. He is the Director of The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Center of Los Angeles.

In this episode we discuss all things sleep, by the end of the episode you will learn what sleep is and how you can implement practices to achieve a successful restful night sleep every night.

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