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In this episode you will learn:

Join Dr. David Shirazi, DDS and MS in Traditional Oriental Medicine and registered polysomnogram (sleep) technologist and Jason Stella discuss…..

  1. Why sleep is vital to live a happy healthy life
  2. Types of sleep
  3. Why / how sleep is disrupted
  4. Why so many people have hard times sleeping, getting into deep sleep?
  5. How sleep apnea has been found to cause ADHD in children.
  6. Ways to help improve your sleep


About the Lifetime Training Podcast:

Our goal is to bring THE BEST educators and influencers in the health, fitness nutrition & well-being industry directly to you. All our guests have had massive success helping trainers improve their skills to help people live a healthy, happy life! The 4 categories podcast will include…. 1. Live – This includes sleep, mental health, mindfulness, mobility and general movement. 2. Train – This includes program design, exercise technique, biomechanics, etc. 3. Eat – All things nutrition, supplementation & meal planning 4. Successful Health & Fitness Professional stories


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