Tooth Grinding Agoura Hills

Tooth Grinding Agoura Hills

Tooth grinding will ruin your life because you constantly feel pain and could quickly get progressive symptoms like headaches and facial pain. You will be lucky if you can go a day without a migraine incident or be able to complete all your errands in time. prompYou do not want to misdiagnose this issue because the pain will remain constant and cause different mood swings and suffering. The following guide will explore the most common causes of teeth grinding and how to alleviate the problem. We have several coping tips and treatments like sleep apnea oral appliances to allow prompt treatment, depending on the specific cause of your grinding.

What are teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding or clenching is also known as bruxism and is the unconscious and conscious clenching of teeth. Remember that grinding can happen to people of all ages and is more common in children.

Signs of bruxism

  • The teeth will look worn down or chipped because of the constant pressure on the enamel.
  • Sensitivity on the areas with the most grinding
  • Temporomandibular joint problems

Causes of teeth grinding.

Doctors do not have a solid case on all the causes of bruxism because so many different conditions lead to grinding or have a mix of issues that add to the problem. The following are the most common causes:

  1. Stress

Stress and anxiety are the leading cause of grinding because it destabilizes the nerves, so you do not have control of your reactions. People who do not sleep well are prone to teeth grinding because their nervous system is under immense stress.

  1. Medication

Teeth grinding is a severe side effect of specific medication that affects the nervous system. You want to seek immediate medical help if you experience grinding and take anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs, among other issues.

  1. Lifestyle changes

Excess smoking and bad eating habits will always throw your entire body in a loop because you are not supporting healthy biological patterns. It may be best to seek professional help to get a specific diagnosis and adjust your dietary and lifestyle habits or introduce appliances for adults with sleep apnea.

  1. Misalignment

The dental structure will always have misalignments when you have changes in your mouth and bite. Often, the teeth will migrate towards the space, causing the jaw to lose control of all the teeth. You want to get an orthodontist like Dr. Shirazi to look at your dental health and rectify any issues of an inflamed jaw or misalignment leading to grinding with oral devices or other options.

Medical illnesses

Some illnesses will always give a higher probability for you to experience grinding. Some of them include dementia, sleep apnea, epilepsy, ADHD, and GFD.

We do not recommend that you live with an untreated Bruxism case because it will always lead to future complications like loosening of the teeth, tooth loss, and fractures. Call us to book an appointment to diagnose the acute cause of the issue and administer treatment for sleep apnea or other conditions to stop and prevent future grinding.

Tooth Grinding Agoura Hills
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