TMJ Therapy Agoura Hills

TMJ Therapy Agoura Hills

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder affects many Americans and can cause several symptoms, including neck pain and headaches. Dr. Shirazi offers TMJ therapy services in Agoura Hills to correct the underlying causes of TMJ disorder and ease painful symptoms. If you have ever had symptoms of TMJ, Dr. Shirazi can solve it.

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An injury to the jaw, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, or a misaligned bite may cause TMJ disorder. Other conditions that might lead to TMJ include worn cartilage, dislocated joints, arthritis, and stress.

In most cases, the reason for TMJ disorder is unknown, but if you are having symptoms such as a change in your bite, clicking, or locking in the jaw, Dr. Shirazi can diagnose and care for your TMJ disorder. The most common signs of TMJ are pain in the jaw, your jaw feeling like it is rigid, constant headaches, and involuntary contractions in your face muscles. Another sign of TMJ disorder is hearing popping, clicking, or cracking sounds when you open your jaw.

 Treatments For TMJ

TMJ disorder can make it challenging to talk, eat, and enjoy your life. Since there are many potential causes and remedies to treat TMJ disorder, make an appointment with Dr. Shirazi for TMJ therapy in Agoura Hills. He will perform a thorough diagnosis and talk about your TMJ disorder treatment choices.

What To Expect

To diagnose Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, Dr. Shirazi will listen to understand your problems. He will assess how your jaw moves and start looking for symptoms of jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and misalignment of your teeth.

Dr. Shirazi will analyze the lower face and jawbone for any swelling and tenderness. He might examine how you bite and search for underlying factors that could determine your therapy method. Depending on your examination results, he will discuss your treatment choices, including a mouth guard, teeth straightening, or restorations (bridges or crowns).


Dr. Shirazi may suggest several methods to ease pain and other problems along with treatments to fix the root cause of your TMJ disorder. This may include not chewing gum or biting your nails, applying heat to your jaw, a liquid food diet, and relaxation methods. Dr. Shirazi may prescribe medication to relax your muscles or teach you different workouts to strengthen your jaws.

Dr. Shirazi offers follow-up appointments to assess the results of your TMJ treatment. If your therapy is not working correctly, he might suggest another treatment approach. Immediately your TMJ has been treated, you should continue regular dental check-ups to maintain your oral health.

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Dr. Shirazi knows that TMJ disorder can take a toll on your quality of life and strive to provide treatment. He also offers varieties of dental care services in Agoura Hills for TMJ therapy. Contact us today at 805-496-5700 / 310-401-0813 to schedule an appointment or in-person consultation at our reception desk and learn more about how our service can help alleviate TMJ-related pain.




TMJ Therapy Agoura Hills
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