Sleep Clinic Westlake

Sleep Clinic Westlake

You should know that if you are struggling with falling asleep or staying asleep, this is something that many other people deal with. A large percentage of people in the United States alone do not get enough sleep – with 7 hours being the goal. Then, some people could use treatment for sleep apnea that may get 7 hours yet never feel fully rested when they wake up. If you fall into either of these categories, it will serve you best to visit a sleep clinic in Westlake.


Note: Quality sleep is key for total health and wellness – body, mind, and spirit. 


Whenever someone goes through sleep deprivation, it boosts the risk of chronic disease. You also impact hormone production, issues with motor performance and cognition, problems with metabolism, and poor overall health. 


When you see a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) for appliances for adults with sleep apnea or other treatments, you have the ability to dive further into the root cause of the sleep disorder you are experiencing. Naturopaths work on treating the whole person, looking at underlying causes for your insomnia, which could be biological or psychological in nature. Whenever you lack sleep, it begins to impact many other areas of your life. 


Why Visit a Sleep Clinic in Westlake?


A natural approach to sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome will give you options. Many people do not like the idea of invasive therapies or prescription medications that may only mask the symptoms they are experiencing. Naturopathic practitioners go through training for areas like:


·      Behavioral medicine

·      Botanical medicine

·      Therapeutic nutrition


An ND works by implementing natural, effective, and safe treatments made to restore good sleep. Whether you are interested in oral devices and dental appliances for sleep improvement, you will see that there are more than a few ways that you can start to enjoy each night of rest. When you have the right treatment in place, you will sleep more soundly, sleep longer, and wake up feeling as though you can take on the day. 


What Causes Insomnia?


Some people who have sleep apnea will also be dealing with insomnia at the same time. If the sleep disturbances wake them too often during the night, it could become difficult to fall back to sleep. There are also several other areas that you may want to work on limiting if you are having issues with sleep patterns:


·      Cutting back on or eliminating things like nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol.

·      Evaluating the environment around you, including the room temperature, lighting, noise, and anything else that could impact sleep. 

·      Seeing if you are grinding your teeth (Bruxism) or a sleep apnea oral appliance could help you open up your airway while you sleep. 

When it is time to visit a sleep clinic in Westlake, we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre. Stop by to schedule a consultation in person or give us a call - Thousand Oaks, CA (805) 496-5700 or Brentwood, CA (310) 401-0813.

Sleep Clinic Westlake
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