Sleep Apnea Newbury Park

Sleep Apnea Newbury Park

Sleep apnea is a type of disorder that leads to poor sleep quality because of uncontrollable breathing pauses. Some people may also suddenly wake startled, or there will be shallow breaths as they sleep. Overnight, someone who has sleep apnea may stop breathing repeatedly, sometimes up to 30 times each hour. For some, there are brief moments where they might not even be aware of it. This is why many people will need to look into treatment for sleep apnea in Newbury Park. 


Why Look Into a Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance?


Someone dealing with sleep apnea is experiencing more than heavy snoring. This is a major medical diagnosis that is very serious, even life-threatening. Rather than having negative symptoms or decreasing your quality of life, you can look into appliances for adults with sleep apnea and start to get some relief. 


Sleep apnea breaks up the normal breathing patterns, leading to less oxygen to the brain and everywhere else in the body. People faced with sleep apnea will be triggered to wake suddenly and often gasp for air as a way to reopen the airways. There is a start-stop breathing pattern that people with sleep apnea have, bringing on symptoms like:


·      Loud snoring

·      Poor sleep

·      Choking noises

·      Fatigue or anxiety during the day


When you miss a lot of sleep, it can start to take years off of your life. The long-term complications may include stroke, heart disease, depression, memory issues, diabetes, obesity, viruses, or sexual dysfunction. Some sleep disturbance cases have also been connected to poor job performance, low grades in school, car accidents, flu, and the common cold. 


Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea in Newbury Park


To confirm whether you have sleep apnea or not, you will need to go through a sleep study. This is a test, known as a polysomnogram, that involves multiple tests, recording and transmitting the physical activities that take place while you sleep. This involves electrodes that get placed on your scalp and face to monitor your breathing, and an oximeter gets placed on your finger as a way to measure the oxygen in your blood. All of this data gets analyzed to tell you whether or not you have sleep apnea or another disorder. 


Once you are done with testing, you can then work with someone to learn about the natural steps to get results. Some people will look into various oral devices that are dental appliances for sleep. In more severe cases, you may need to sleep with a CPAP machine at night to get the right levels of oxygen.

Do you need to know more about all of your options for the natural treatment of sleep apnea in Newbury Park? We are here to help at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre! Give us a call when you are ready - Thousand Oaks, CA at (805) 496-5700 or Brentwood, CA at (310) 401-0813 to schedule a consultation or inquire about our services. We look forward to going over all of your options to help you get the restful sleep you deserve.

Sleep Apnea Newbury Park
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