physio clinic Pickering

physio clinic Pickering

Did you experience any back pains recently? Perhaps you’ve recently injured yourself while playing a sport, or your old fracture is acting up again. Well then, you need the help of a physio clinic in Pickering. The Amberlea Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic is here to get you back on track, even the running track, through various treatments administered by our wonderful staff:

  1. Sherman Wok – our registered physiotherapist specializes in sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, complex injuries, and the rehab of repetitive strains. The finest Pickering sports medicine for any injuries lies in his hands. He adheres to a holistic approach in treating our patients, showing extreme care and genuine concern for each of them. Moreover, Sherman Wok mainly focuses on the smallest details to address the cause of the issue. He uses a combination of physiotherapeutic techniques to offer a comprehensive Pickering physical rehab plan that never fails to put our clients back on their feet.
  2. Steven Street – our preeminent registered massage therapist Steven specializes in Deep Tissue massage, Swedish Massage, and more massage techniques. Through his work at our Pickering physio clinic, he helps people suffering from aches, back pains, injuries, or general stress, to unwind and relax. He offers the best massage services in Pickering. In helping our clients deal with muscle tension, stress, or pain management, we believe that each client deserves a personalized treatment plan suited to their individual needs. This is why Steven Street takes massage therapy to the next level through his healing techniques.
  3. Jessi Li – excelling both in massage therapy and acupuncture, she completely overhauls the idea of physiotherapy in Pickering. She is a registered massage therapist and acupuncturist who specializes in deep tissue massage, acute/chronic pain management, trigger point therapy, traditional acupuncture, and cupping. She believes that her clients deserve the best treatment available, and she delivers it with care, compassion, and a lot of experience. Her goal as a massage therapist in Pickering is simple – to bring patients much-needed relaxation, a pain-free lifestyle, and to enhance their performance as well as help them move optimally.

Our other staff members are Dr. Benson Ng DC, who is our main chiropractor, Ainsely Corkum, Nirvan Maharjan, Hannah Niu, Mamta Narula, and Yong Zheng. They all take the arts of physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic care to an excellent level. We also do custom orthotics for several feet issues such as claw toes, bunions, heel spurs, flat feet, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and various pains in your knees, ankles, heels, or lower back.

At the Amberlea Physiotherapy & Rehab Clinic, we care about one thing – empowering and supporting you on the path toward total recovery. We go into as much detail as necessary to help you understand your condition and potential treatment plans. Moreover, we go the extra mile into understanding your concerns and needs. This is because we employ a unique approach to every client who comes to our physio clinic in Pickering. Contact us to schedule your first appointment at (905) 492-5588!

physio clinic Pickering
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