Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Moorpark

Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Moorpark

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre is a top-rated clinic for TMD and snoring problems. We sell superior quality oral appliances for sleep apnea in Moorpark at affordable prices to help our patients overcome OSA and jaw pain without surgery.

What can cause TMD?

The temporomandibular joint links the temporal bones to the jaw. The TMJ is responsible for opening and closing your jaw, side to side movements, speech, chewing, and yawning. Most TMJ problems may arise after an injury to the jaw, the joint, or the muscles in your neck and head. Patients usually experience TMJ disorders after a heavy blow or whiplash. In some cases, your TMD could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Grinding or clenching the teeth
  2. Movement of the disc or the cushion between the ball and socket of the joint
  3. Arthritis
  4. Stress, etc.

If you experience any TMD-related symptoms, consult an experienced sleep apnea treatment provider asap. Leaving TMD untreated can worsen the pain and discomfort and increase your risk for several other health conditions.

What are the symptoms of TMD?

Patients with TMD experience a great deal of facial and jaw pain and discomfort. TMD can affect one or both sides of your face, causing symptoms like:

  1. Pain or tenderness in your jaw joints, neck, face, in or around the ears.
  2. Experiencing pain or discomfort when you chew, speak, open, or close your mouth.
  3. You hear a clicking or popping sound in the join when you open or close your mouth.
  4. Your jaw gets stuck in the open or closed mouth position
  5. Tiredness even after 8 - 10 hours of sleep.

In case of experiencing one or more of these symptoms, consult a TMJ specialist at the earliest to prevent worsening of pain and discomfort.

Overview of our oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea

Dr. Shirazi is a seasoned orthodontist with a highly effective oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. The following are some of the oral appliances that we use to help our patients overcome sleep apnea, jaw and facial pain, and bruxism:

  • Advanced light wire functionals

Advanced Lightwire Functionals help move structures of the oral cavity orthopedically. These appliances use minimal force and expand the maxilla to allow a greater capacity, allowing oxygen to enter the nasal cavities. Our advanced light wire functionals help closing teeth gaps and straighten crowded teeth.

  • Dental aligners

These are hypo-allergenic clear aligners that correct the teeth and bite cosmetically. Dental aligners gently move the teeth and bones and guide the tongue into a consistent swallowing pattern.

  • Performance mouth wear appliances

Performance Mouthwear appliances place the jaw in a comfortable position. These devices improve breathing by increasing the size of the airway in individuals with a sleep apnea diagnosis.

You can reach us at 805-496-5700 for our Thousand Oaks office and 310-401-0813 for our Brentwood office. Our oral appliances for sleep apnea in Moorpark are easy to wear, offer the highest comfort, and are budget-friendly. Dr. Shirazi at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre can help you attain improved wellness using his unique, advanced, and non-invasive treatment approach.

Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Moorpark
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