Child Psychiatrist Orange County

Child Psychiatrist Orange County

As adults, it is possible to find children's behavior incomprehensible when they have intense emotions and irrational habits. Unfortunately, the current Covid epidemic does not make things easier as more people stay home with a house full of raging teens.

It is only now that we appreciate the diligence of the teachers that work to keep our children happy and healthy. It is excellent to know when to differentiate between a typical tantrum and one that calls for professional intervention. Today, we would like to help you understand whether your teenager needs a child psychiatrist in Orange County today before it is too late.

Signs your child needs adolescent therapists in Southern California.


Children can start to show disruptive behaviors as early as ten years old. These are a psychological response by the child’s mind and are a way for them to bring their hidden feelings and discomforts to the surface. Orange County child therapists help them understand their feelings and find a natural way to communicate their emotions without adverse reactions. OC teen center is excellent at assisting teens to understand that the environment does not mean any harm, with the end game of adjusting his or her volatile behaviors to calmer responses.

Consistent anger

Children can develop anger management issues as early as they are born. Psychology reveals that this kind of anger is due to their obsession with specific issues, which leads to anxiety, anger, and sadness. Signs of anger include violence in school, a heated response to a simple request, helping with chores, or constant complaints from the community about their rude behavior.

Frequent anger in teenagers is a sign that they do not have a healthy way of processing and letting out their disappointments. The Orange County California child therapy specialist identifies the root of the anger and gives focused strategies to improve their responses.


Psychiatrists like ourselves and many more are flummoxed that parents do not take the threat of self-harm as seriously as they ought. Yet, there is no more significant sign that your child needs professional help than harmful behaviors.

Simple cutting and bruising can escalate to severe habits like suicidal ideologies. The child psychiatrist in Orange County advises parents not to assume they can always handle these self-harming acts without outside help. We want you to know that your child is not acting out as a dramatic person and that they need immediate professional attention before they develop chronic mental and emotional illness.

Substance abuse

Alcohol experimentation is a common habit among teens. But, most times, you will never know whether your child tried an alcoholic sip because they keep the regularity to a minimum.

The problem begins when they come home drunk or high or constantly steal drinks from you. Other teens will exhibit the behaviors of an addict because they could be indulging in other types of drugs outside the home. Teens with atypical depression are more likely to have a substance abuse issue and need immediate pediatric mental health services to keep their minds and behavior under control.

Do you notice any of the above signs in your child? We will be glad to hear from you via 800-478-0233 to help your child with child counseling in Orange County CA before it is too late.



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