Centralia Denture Fitting

Centralia Denture Fitting

One of the biggest problems, when one gets dentures, is loss of retention. Dentures are an inherent separate feature from your mouth and stand a chance to lose their holding over time. Mechanical force can lead to loose dentures around the socket because the bone shrinks and resorbs slowly to move the fitting away from the gaps. How can a dentist make sure the denture fits in the mouth?

How Dentures Should Fit In The Mouth

The best dentures should last a lifetime with proper installation. The upper dentures are easy to maintain because they have extra support from the suction in the mouth, but the lower ones will only maintain their position if they fit the depth and width of the jawbone. Fitting dentures are a necessity for you to be able to do basic things like chewing, smiling, laughing, and talking. You will know you have poorly fitting dentures if they show the following signs.

Signs Of Ill-Fitting Dentures

An Urge To Gag

An ill-fitting upper denture will cause the baseplate to extend into the palate, which then causes conditions that trigger gagging. Ill-fitting lower dentures will extend under the tongue, which makes for an uncomfortable feeling when you move your tongue. You cannot move the upper or lower dentures to stop triggering the gag reflex, so make sure you speak with a professional who knows exactly how they can prevent the issue.


A denture that rubs on a sore or sensitive part of your mouth will cause pain from the underlying tissue. The professional dentist resolves this by adjusting the fitting with several tools and skills that allow for a more secure fitting, so it does not rub off on other areas of your mouth.


Dentures that slip when you eat, talk, or move your mouth are ill-fitted and should get immediate professional intervention before they get worse. Some patients resolve to use adhesives to fill in the gaps, but they also set the stage to create long-term issues that may be too far gone when they finally visit a dentist.

Making Dentures Fit Better

Our Centralia denture fitting can fit better with simple adjustments or fillings on the loose gaps. Many issues can be relieved by looking at small gaps and pressure points around their length. There are a couple of different ways we can optimize the fitting to feel better, so make sure you book a personalized consultation session for better information.

Dentures are available in several forms, and some can be placed in your mouth on the same day. Each of these dentures will have a different length of duration to fit in, so you want to check in with a dentist so they can outline all the appointments and what you can expect until they finally resolve the issue. Naturally, our Olympic Dental and Denture team prefers to offer an accurate estimate and plan when you come in for a consultation, so contact us to get started with your installation or adjustment service.

Centralia Denture Fitting
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Centralia Denture Fitting
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