Boise Massage Spa

Boise Massage Spa

The next time you need a fun day at the spa, remember Whole Being Massage is just up the road. We offer a wide variety of massage and therapeutic bodywork options to keep you limber, release tension, and reduce pain and muscle soreness. Prescription medications to help you relax can’t compare with the benefits you’ll experience from a single massage session with our staff. Contact our Boise massage spa by calling 208-713-6562 or book your next session using our Web form. Everyone needs a little time to relax once in a while.

8 Reasons You Need A Day At The Spa

1. A therapeutic massage is one of the most inexpensive ways to beat stress. Remedies for anxiety and stress range from taking expensive vacations to purchasing over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs, all of which provide temporary relief from stress. A Boise masseuse from Whole Being Massage can do more for you in a spa session than time away from work or medications can.

2. Massages make great gifts. At Whole Being Massage, our masseuses give the best couples massage in Boise, ID. Treat someone special to a massage and enjoy one yourself.

3. Regular massages at the hands of experienced Boise massage therapists are known to boost immunity. With Covid in the background, it’s always a good idea to give your immune system a boost; can you think of a more enjoyable way to do so?

4. If you’re having a difficult time getting to sleep at night or staying asleep, a massage can put you in a state of relaxation so that you’ll experience more quality sleep time. Skip the sleeping pills and schedule a deep tissue massage at Whole Being Massage.

5. Do you experience frequent headaches? Whether your headaches are due to stress or a physiological reason, a weekly massage can make a difference in how you feel throughout the week. Let our experts massage away headaches and migraines when you’re feeling worn out from work or simply need a new method of relaxation.

6. Sore muscles melt under a professional massage. If you’re healing from an injury, recovering from surgery, or dealing with daily muscle strain or soreness, you’ll discover the ancient secret of massage to make you feel younger and healthier after each session.

7. Therapeutic massage services do wonders to keep joints, ligaments, and muscles limber and maintain mobility while aging. If you’re feeling stiff in the morning or sore throughout the day, let us know when you book your massage and we’ll recommend the right type of therapy for you.

8. Trauma-healing massage therapy is a new treatment for PTSD and other types of trauma. Therapists find that our Boise massage spa is a safe environment for trauma treatment. Feel free to speak with someone from our spa today for more information about our services.

Schedule your first appointment at Whole Being Massage today and discover the many benefits of the ancient art of massage. Reach us by phone at 208-713-6562 or contact us online.

Boise Massage Spa
Whole Being Massage
Boise Massage Spa
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