Dr Shirazi explains what do we need sleep for

Dr Shirazi explains reasons for Sleep Deprivation

Dr Shirazi explains why having clear nasal passages is so critical

Dr Shirazi explains why we can clench our teeth

Dr Shirazi discusses the clinical signs, symptoms and co-morbidities associated with OSA

Dr Shirazi explains the different stages of sleep

Dr Shirazi explains the benefits for children of breast feeding in development of their airway and room for future teeth.

Dr Shirazi explains the symptoms of OSA in children

Dr Shirazi discusses sleepiness in the elderly

Dr Shirazi explains TMJ anatomy and disorders

Dr Shirazi discusses TMJ disorders with common headaches and neurological disorders

Dr Shirazi discusses the treatments of sleep apnea

Dr Shirazi discusses the benefits of the ALF appliance (advanced lightwire functional)

Cleo discusses how the ALF appliance has helped her sleep better and clench her teeth much less.

Dr Shirazi discusses tongue scalloping causes as it relates to sleep disordered breathing.

Dr Shirazi answers questions on how to improve pain and sleep issues