Dental Aligners

Dr. Shirazi Aligners incorporate the art and science of moving dental and bony structures while allowing and guiding the tongue into a normal and consistent swallow pattern. Our hypoallergenic materials make the use of aligners more consistent especially when other liquids interact with them, resulting in a beautiful smile with no reactions to the materials.

We offer Invisalign and Clear Correct clear aligners. In both cases, Dr. Shirazi will prescribe a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner will move your teeth just a little, and over time, your results will be amazing.

At TMJ Sleeping Therapy Center, Dr. Shirazi works with you to ensure that you and your children get the best possible care. Please book an appointment to discuss the various options available. At your consultation, Dr. Shirazi will discuss your goals, any prior orthodontic treatment you’ve had and the details of each system to help you determine which straightening alternative is best for you.


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