Patient Testimonials


Kyle’s teeth were crowded and didn’t have room for his new teeth to come in. As Kyle so eloquently states, “braces just scootch your teeth but don’t care about the rest of your body.” Jennifer, Kyle’s mom did her own due diligence and her own research on conservative care for her child where the results would be lasting. Jennifer wanted to utilize the ALF appliance for Kyle to create room in the face/jaw/head, naturally, for all of the teeth to fit comfortably and in-line to allow proper swallowing and breathing.


Andrea would wake in the night and could barely move her head and neck due to the immense pain. Dr. Shirazi found that Andrea had very severe degenerative arthritis in her jaw. Dr. Jay Grossman referred Andrea to Dr. Shirazi as the specialist to bring her out of pain. Andrea wanted a natural, homeopathic, natural treatment that Dr. Shirazi was able to provide. Dr. Shirazi cured Andrea’s pain, cured Andrea’s TMJ, widened her palette so her tongue fits properly within her mouth. Andrea encourages patients that it’s important for people to pay attention to when you are having symptoms to get the support you need. She happily shares that it doesn’t take long to get relief even when you’ve had years of pain!


Suffered with extreme fatigue, depression and a host of other issues, seeking help from a myriad of specialists. She was finally diagnosed correctly as having sleep apnea by her sleep specialist. She tried all kinds of masks for the CPAP, but could not tolerate any of them for any length of time. By treating the source of her issues, her life has turned around.


Veronica presented with facial pain and headaches that no one could discover the source of. Her neurologist was very thorough, even taking an MRI to rule out any vascular or neoplastic disorders. But, like the majority of a neurologist, he had no training on how the jaw can refer pain all over the head and neck region. This is not something that is taught in medical school. Our intention is to look for the root cause or causes of someone’s issues


Bill was really only aware that he sometimes would clench his teeth. He had no idea that that could be related to his jaw locking and tooth pain. Conservative therapy, as well as an earnest desire to resolve his issues, was all he needed to bring him back to normal.


Carole presented with snoring and witnessed apnea. She had no idea that that could be related to her fatigue and depression. A sleep study confirmed a very significant Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Oral Appliance Therapy gave her the opportunity to come back to who she really was, a positive, energetic, and bright Soul.


Was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and could not tolerate his CPAP. In his comprehensive examination we discovered that he also had Tension Type Headaches as well Jaw pain, never realizing that they could all be related. By designing and executing a custom made treatment plan that focused on his individual needs and issues, he no longer has headaches or jaw pain, and even his blood pressure has reduced significantly!


Had Migraines for over twenty five years. The pain was so intense it actually woke her up from her sleep! Typically we see patients who go to sleep to reduce their migraines, but not in Gloria’s case. A diagnosis and custom treatment plan was made for her that brought her relief from her migraines within a few months.


Jill was a blessing to have in our practice. To me, she embodies the power of the Will. She was and is so willing to take ownership of the issues that she was presented with, and treat them, until she received the resolution she had so long wished for. As she mentions, it was not an overnight correction, but I have yet to meet someone that did not have more than one issue they were dealing with.


Kay is a delightful person that has a true passion for cooking and living life. She had to limit not only her diet because of her jaw pain, but also her passion for cooking because of chronic back pain and headaches. Within a few months she was able to eat and more importantly, cook as she did before.


Kevin’s main issues were jaw clicking and jaw locking with pain. His headaches had seemed to come on at times of day he had no idea could be related to the jaw and neck.

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